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Summer Skill Camp 2010

I just received this very important 18 minute video for you from Craig at VAClassroom titled: “Ten Ways To Create Ten Income Building Opportunities for Your Virtual Business in 2010”. This video will give you some keen insights and ideas on how to expand your skills and the services you are currently offering in your business. Plus, it will also give you a nice preview on the types of skills we will be covering in the upcoming VAClassroom Summer Skill Camp starting on July 6th!

In business, it is important to have an edge or some relevant, in-demand skills that sets you apart and enables you to play a bigger role with your clients. I think this video will definitely stimulate some ideas on how you can grow your business and income opportunities for the last half of 2010!

Check out the 18-minute video here:

VAClassroom Summer Skill Camp starts July 6th. Click here to get more details and check out the early-bird registration special.

Hire a VA Private Investigator for Twitter Success

If you were around in the 80’s you might remember Tom Selleck in Magnum, PI, the cool, calm and collected private investigator who collected all the facts, uncovered the clues and solved the mysteries. Well I like to think of Virtual Assistants as the Magnum PI’s of the internet marketing world delving behind the scenes to find new tools that can enhance the way you market on the web. Does the analogy fit? Read on and find examples of how a Virtual Assistant can enhance your Twitter marketing and more.

A Twitter Newbie: So you’ve finally made it to Twitter but you’d really like to connect with like-minded people but don’t know how to find them. Twello and WeFollow are two great sites for your VA to investigate first. By using specific keywords, it’s simple to find people with something in common. Take it a step further by looking for people that your friends or colleagues follow on Twubble. Within no time flat, and with your VA’s help, you’ll have a good base of people to follow on Twitter.

Network in Your Community: Twitter is not just about connecting with friends and colleagues at a distance; it’s useful for backyard networking as well. TwelloHood is the “Google maps” of Twitter allowing you to pinpoint Twitter users by topic or name. Give your VA some parameters to search like relevant keywords or a specific niche and she/he can create a great list of individuals to follow. You never know, these local “tweeters” may turn into joint venture partners, colleagues or clients; all due to your VA’s keen insights.

Follow and be Followed: Maybe you are at the point where your Twitter account could use some spring cleaning. You’ve got a huge fan base but you’ve lost track of the followers and who you should be following. With a nifty tool called FriendorFollow, your Virtual assistant can uncover:

  • Who you are following that’s not following you back
  • Who’s following you that you’re not following back

And with the click of a mouse, you’re back on track.

Measure You’re Tweets: If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, ask your VA to set one up and monitor your Twitter traffic. Many people think that Twitter can be a waste of time but statistics can tell all!

Well there you have it! These are just a few of the tasks that a Virtual Assistant can carry out to enhance your Twitter marketing. And the best thing about it – no requirements to have a fancy red sports car, short shorts and a large mustache are necessary – unlike the “fab’ Magnum PI.

Article Marketing in the Web 2.0 World

Looking for a unique way to share articles online other than the traditional article marketing route? Check out Hubpages.com, an online publishing network where authors, like you and me or your clients, can create mini blog pages or “hubs” based on relevant topics. Similar to a blog, hub followers become your “fans” and post comments about your content. Based on the hub score ranking system, articles gain popularity and consequently; more recognition.

Advantages of Using Hubpages:

  1. Internet Presence; Define yourself as an authority in your field by creating multiple hubs in your area of expertise.
  2. Simplicity; Setting up a hubpage is extremely simple and geared for those in the non-techie world. Photos, video and audios can be uploaded for added visual benefit.
  3. Social Media; Get started in the social media world by creating your first hub and get a feel for the how powerful social marketing is. A blog in conjunction with your hubpages site is a great match made in heaven!
  4. Keyword Ranking; Similar to a blog, tag word inclusion is important when creating a hubpage. Define the tagwords that relate specifically to the hub and Google will reward you with higher rankings.
  5. Link it Back; Fans have the option to subscribe to your RSS feed to keep on top of all new hubs created. Reward them by creating by offering informative content and they’ll keep coming back.
  6. Statistics; Hubpages offer stats in the form of a graph that charts the traffic history to your hubs.  In most cases, the greatest activity happens on the day you submit a new hub… that’s fast.

Now that you know the ins and outs of Hubpages, give it a try, you never know where your next “fan” will turn up.

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