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Have you considered launching an online course?

What if You Could Get Your Best Prospects Into a Room
And Then Keep Their Attention for Months, Even Years, On End?

What would that do for your bottom line?

How might you be able to capitalize on this kind of engagement?

If you have expertise that your target market is burning for, you are leaving money on the table by NOT having a membership-based website. Creating a membership site is a proven and powerful way to bring together like-minded people for specific learning goals.

Give PAYING Members the Info They Want – 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
(While You’re Off Doing Other Stuff)

The membership site business model is attractive to entrepreneurs because it consolidates an audience that is ready and willing to engage. It also allows you to easily segment your subscribers based on their individual needs. Not to mention that paid membership sites supply you with a reliable source of passive income.

And you can have this marketing machine working for you in less time and for much less money than you think.

2 (Free) Software Programs + 1 (Awesome) Marketing Assistant =
The Membership Site You’ve Dreamed of

Here are some of the things you can do with a membership site:

  • Create multiple membership levels (price tiers).
  • Create “VIP content” accessible only to registered members.
  • Broadcast messages to your members from within the site.
  • Integrate a shopping cart into the site (e.g. ThriveCart, 1ShoppingCart, PayPal)
  • Manage memberships easily (view member names, registration status and membership levels).
  • Display only partial VIP content to entice paid memberships.
  • And more…

All-Inclusive Membership Website Set-Up and Customization Package

Let me take you from zero to sixty with your membership site. You need only tell me what you want it to look like! Here is what we’ll do:

  • Work with your existing WordPress site.
  • Add content from your existing website or documents on file.
  • Install the membership software on the new site.
  • Customize your login and registration pages.
  • Integrate your shopping cart into the site (1SC, Clickbank or PayPal).
  • Set up recurring membership payments in your shopping cart, including a Buy Now button on your Members Sign Up page.
  • Create different price tiers for your members.
  • Cost: $825

In reality, it takes more than the technology to make a membership site work like it should. Great content, a marketing plan, and a pre and post launch strategy will be paramount in helping you create the “membership buzz.” We can help there too. Just tell me what you need and I’ll give you a custom quote.

Membership Site Examples

Warrior WomanFitness

https://www.warriorwomanfitness.comKaren created the Warrior Woman Fitness and Lifestyle Program in 2010 to support the 40+ women. After taking her online fitness programs (which are fabulous) I recommended we automate the content of her programs and simply the payment and delivery method. Karen keeps creating new programs and we continue to upscale each course to tweak the processes always thinking about the customer in mind.

Warrior Woman Fitness

Shift it School

A lead Graphic Facilitator specializing in Strategic Planning and Visioning settings, Christina Merkley was growing her course offerings and looking for a solution for her students to access her life and self study courses. I suggested she create a membership site using a WordPress plugin connected to her shopping cart/email system. Shift-it-School keeps growing with self-study and live courses and Christina keeps smiling.

Shift It School

Wishlist Member Plugin

A great plugin that has been around for years that keeps on working.

Memberium Plugin

This plugin integrates with Infusionsoft.


A sophisticated, full-featured website independent of your current site.

Are You Ready to Share What You Know With More People and Less Work