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Generate Revenue with an Affiliate Marketing Assistant

business_group_women_in_frontIf you had asked me 2 years ago what affiliate marketing was, I would have starred blankly at you dazed and bewildered and replied “affiliate what?” I soon discovered, after my first affiliate cheque arrived, that affiliate marketing should be incorporated into all marketing strategies.

Affiliate marketing is a form of revenue sharing between two parties. A commission is paid for sales on a product or service. So now that you know what it is and the idea of setting up an affiliate marketing program makes you want to run for the hills,  then turn to an affiliate marketing assistant for help.

Affiliate Program Set-Up

There are many affiliate programs available however many internet marketers are use 1 Shopping Cart because of it’s robust, integrated affiliate program.  What can a VA do to get your affiliate marketing off the ground:

  • set-up your affiliate program description, commission rates, affiliate pay schedules & the payout amount
  • add products for affiliates to market
  • customize your welcome message to your affiliates
  • format your sign up page with branded logo & simply instructions
  • upload graphic banners created by a VA or graphic designer
  • script sample text emails for your affiliates to use
  • add/import or export affiliates

Communicate & Encourage Sign Ups

Now that your affiliate program is in place, keep the lines of communication open to encourage sales. Send out an email to new affiliates 24-48 hours after they have joined to encourage them to contact you with questions. Create an “affiliates only” newsletter that updates your people on your new products and campaigns. Run monthly contests where the affiliate that earns x amount of affiliate income wins a prize; a great way to build your relationships.

Affiliate Tracking & Reporting

Keeping track of your affiliate marketing statistics encourages you to goals so hand over this task to your Virtual Assistant. Use either an excel spreadsheet or Google documents to create an affiliate campaign report and track:

  • number of new affiliate sign-ups
  • which banner ads bring in more clicks
  • which text ads are most successful
  • which affiliates consistently refer your products or services
  • and more….

In short, if you are contemplating integrating an affiliate marketing program into your business than consider the advantages of working with an Affiliate Marketing Assistant. The time and energy you will save will more than pay for itself in affiliate sales and allow you to focus on building your affiliate relationships.